I Don’t Trust These Stable Things

Chengyuan Guo

I used to be a fashion designer.

my email: Sueyd927@gmail.com
my ins: Chengyuan Guo
I want to explore the boundary between stability and instability in my project. The Chinese believe that people should do the right things at the appropriate age, just like building blocks to establish a stable living order from children to adults. But I think the characteristics of people are contradictory. People, like eggs, have a hard shell and a fragile inner, which has stability and instability at the same time. Therefore, I think there is no stable life. The essence of taking stability as the goal of life is the escape from free will. People should be placed at a high place to experience the vertigo of freedom to determine their lifestyle. 

The pursuit of stability means anxiety about instability. Instability means more possibilities. In the face of many possibilities, people unlimited choices, just like looking down from a cliff and feeling the dizziness of freedom.