Chuqian(Becky) Chen

Graphic designer, focuses on visual communication and interaction design.

This thesis focuses on the concept of individual identity, based on the two theories of 'Symbolic interactionism' and 'Looking glass self, which can be explained by the theory of self-development, the process of an individual's continuous knowledge of the world, self-recognition and self-improvement in social life. The presuppositions that support this conceptual assumption state that human interaction is mediated by the use of symbols and signification to achieve interaction with society, of which language is one of the symbolic interactions. This can be combined with the function of the media as an 'environmental monitor', where we are constantly aware of the world and ourselves through the messages conveyed by the media, and where we achieve self-identity in our identity. To explore the interactions within this, I have used a series of data collection using participant observation from qualitative research. Based on this I reconstructed four 'symbols' to identify human beings and tried to apply them as a framework to myself or to others. The 'BLOB' calls for a new way of identifying human beings, rethinking individual identity in terms of four new 'symbols'.

The coding instructions in the gene are made up of four chemical unit sequences, I take the 'self' as a subject and explore its inner centredness, then arrange it into a frame within four symbols, this includes physical objects as well spiritual support. I set up four new 'symbols' to express the individual, through 'Body', 'Language', 'Object’,'Belief'. Imagining your student card or ID card without the options of name, age and gender? Based on this I have developed a series of ideas and tried to apply the framework to others.

Anything about your body could be a scar from an accident, a birthmark, a tattoo, a habitual action or your distinctive smell. Alpert's theory of self-development states that the most primitive state of self-awareness is the physical self, This means the awareness of one's body. Thus ‘Body’ is actually the vehicle and the basis for everything before it begins.

- New student ID card using ‘BLOB’