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We begin to feel emotions at an early age, but never were we been properly taught how to get along with it.

As we navigate through life in a modern society, the range of emotions we experience throughout the day could be dramatically wide. Our ability to feel and respond are often taken for granted. Yet we rarely stop to think about those feelings, the potential impact it has on our mental and physical state, or even the long-term effects. The neglection takes its toll on us in a secret way.

"Negative emotion" is with us. And the sad truth is taking complete control over or eliminating it is unattainable. Those who do not understand it consider it a great sin, dare not to express it, and even deny it to exist, leading to unnecessary exhaustion.

Therefore, I hope to raise people's awareness about how important it is to give your negative emotions timely attention, and not letting it build up, especially in China, where the social contexts does not encourage people to speak up personal emotions. Also, I hope this project to be a channel for expression of emotion free of burden.

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