A new perspective of Hangeul

Gwangho Jin

I’m in Interaction&Engagement studio in Goldsmiths, and graduated visual communication course in Korea.

my email: wlsahrns@gmail.com
my other social account(ins) @jingwangho_
This project shows the existing perspective of Hangeul and a new design perspective that combines Korean tradition. Through the discovery of Hangeul, I hope that A wider variety of Korean generations will love Hangeul.
(Hangeul is a Korean writing form/ Hangeul= Korean)

Firstly, my previous project, I found that young Koreans prefer designs in English to Korean. Therefore, curiosity was the starting point of this project. The project's goal is to highlight its strengths in Hangeul and discover new advantages. To highlight the strengths of Hangeul, we created design elements combined with traditional Korean culture based on Hangeul. Hunminjeongeum is the original of Hangeul. I found eight characteristics of Hangeul through Hunminjeongeum Hyeryebon and made my own Hangul font based on those eight characteristics. In line with modern society, we have created a more modern image in the form of San Serif. Also, for the readability of the text, we made a thicker font.

^ The process of a new font.                                                                ^ A new font.

I produced various patterns of design posters through new fonts, traditional Korean patterns, and ideas inspired by traditional buildings. All the designs made are based on new fonts. Through complex design patterns, I wanted to highlight the creativity of Hangeul, which creates various designs.

The works listed in the upper row show the patterning of the works listed below. As mentioned earlier, all pieces are made through a new font and Korean traditions. Therefore, Hangeul designs made through various features can feel a new aspect of Hangeul that has not been seen before.