Pile up the Bridge


I’m a designer. I  focus on how  we rebel against the structure of the world and explore the neutrality,possiblity,chaotic etc.,of the exsistence.


My project is about how to deconstruct  and rebuild the context of the  “bridge”.

My project is started with “bridge”.
We see buildings as material exsistance,but the essence of a building is not the space and structure.The bridge is not a material structure but people‘s movement and relationship —— flow, parallel,pass by, in between,etc.In this point,bridge is a metaphor implying the relationship between each other in the fast modern society.

So how could I intervene and deconstruct the “bridge”?

In the first stage, I did the ten days staring with Xiao on the Millennium Bridge.We stand against of the flow direction of
people.We stand still.We stare at each other for one hour each day.We make antithesis.

Then I change the perspective angle from subjective to objective. I put lego on the bridge and see what will happen. It lasted for 19 days.
I try to rebuild the “bridge”. More specificly,I try to rebuild the movement and relationship of people on the material bridge.From flow to be piled up,from parallel movement to intersection either at that moment or on the timeline,from in between transit to game play.
At this point, the lego structure people built forms a new “bridge” existing as the antithesis of the original “bridge”.

See the records for each day on my instagram.