A multi-disciplinary designer, approaching projects through a playful and research-based practice, working with a range of mediums. Since graduating from Camberwell, UAL in 2016 I have worked as a graphic designer but during the MA have developed my practice further, opening doors into textile, craft and socially engaged work.
Working Yarn considers connection and craft through the simple exercise of collaborative arm knitting. During a series of workshops participants created handmade knits whilst contemplating the relationship between themselves, each other and their hands. The project began as an exploration into modern day witchcraft and gradually expanded, delving into ritual, textiles and social interlocking. Participants work collaboratively, literally bound together for the duration of the workshop, whilst making a knitted net. The nets act as a record of their time together and a ‘conversation’ between their hands. The repetitive, meditative action of arm knitting allowing a space for discussion and connection.

The video below shows a workshop carried out with the Hysteria Collective. Hysteria is a support group for women and trans students. Each week they they get together to talk about misogyny, sex, love, friendship and identity politics. They are a safe space to have intimate conversations and help each other without judgement. The group aims to empower each other with knowledge and support so members can feel more confident in relationships with others and with themselves. They want to understand the causes of struggles, critically analyse society through different lenses, and most importantly feel more represented and heard.