How to have Material Intelligence?
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MA Design: Expanded Practice
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Design has often been considered as a project of the mind and thus comes before making. However, what is lost in here is the creativity of the making processes that may have opened more possibilities for designers to think about design. Could certain practices of making suggest new ways of doing design? If there are similarities between the ways in which designers and makers work with the materials, then could we regard making process as forms of design?

This project aims to ask questions, around making, about what is material intelligence, and about what it means to be a change for designers’ creativity. The key to getting creative by focusing on the making process rather than the result is to have material intelligence. And this project will provide examples - material intelligence can only be acquired through practice. Alongside practical work now and later, in a situated manner, we can think differently and act speculatively.

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What is ‘Material Intelligence’ in my view?

It is awakening of thought, a logic of sensation, and something in the world that forces us to think.