Jiwon is a multi-disciplinary designer. Her work investigates interaction between people and space, especially how our daily life affected by physical/digital surrounding.

"Weather-Body-Making" explores relationship between the environment that constantly affects us and activity of making.  Through a series of instructions for making ceramic cups on a daily basis, it allows us to reflect upon weather, time, space, us and the things we make.

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  • Twice a day
  • Same amount of clay : 350g
  • Bring a bag of clay, essential tools - sponge, needle pin, craft knife, one plastic sculpting tool, thermometer, water, wet tissue
  • Make a cup, hide and leave it somewhere for certain period of time
  • Record time of making, location, temperature, humidity, weather and time of collecting
  • After 3~14 days after collect them and measure weight and size. 
  • If they are missing, take a photograph of the spot and come back.


Go -> Make -> Record -> Hide -> Leave -> Go -> Make -> Record -> Hide -> Leave -> Go back -> Collect -> Go -> Make -> Record -> Hide -> Leave -> Go back -> Collect -> Go -> ........

   sometimes it’s not there......