Tide design was established by my friends and me in Ningbo in 2018 as a design innovation studio. We cross the three time zones of Sweden, London and Ningbo to map our subjective ideas about design here.
Color exists every time we open our eyes in our consciousness, which brings up an interesting point.  People use words to name the colors they see, and use coding values RGB/CMYK to explore the truth of colors. However, when you look up to the sky, is a single blue convincing enough to describe the blue that fades toward the skyline? The sky is acted upon by human subjective experience, providing people with a blue experience. As Stephen E(1999) said that the color could be treated as an adverb rather than an adjective, like: I eat in a hurry, walk in disregard of manners, and "bluely" see the sky! So, what is the real color? In this project, colors from objective physical attributes are hidden, and those colors that cannot be described in subjective consciousness will be explored and studied.

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The weather
is changeable but always existed into the city. Different cities have their various weather condition. The movement of the cloud could be a   reason to form the various weather condition. Address to that, the one-day weather also could be applied as the sample to illustrate the color of the city.That’s all based from our feelings, the weather change could bring us the cold and warm feeling which could fit into the color and shape clarification.



Sunrise was recorded someday in Sep,2021 in London. The sound tracks basically including the noise from the
piccadilly street and the sound of clothes rubbing against the wind.

And the after the sun glow appears, the sound of bird calls were converted into
frequency and appear uninterrupted. As time flow, some sound started to appears
more clearly. There were more sounds of walking and rubbing the floor on the street,
and there were some humming sounds of underground rails rubbing was left in the mind.

This sampling happened randomly. It happened that the fog dissipated. The movement
of the wind is the reference for the main time flow, visually starting from the circle
which could bring the cold sense flowing till the sun completely raised.


Sunny was recorded someday in Sep,2021 in London. The sound tracks basically including
the noise from the piccadilly street, the sound of wind rubbing leaves and the knocking sound from cups cheers.

As the scope of the sun's rays expanded, more mechanical sounds appeared. These include the sound of the engine of a
roadside car and some working machine on the street, and the voice from people’s conversation that appears more clearly.
The types of sounds gradually increase, and the frequency gradually becomes higher than last condition. Visually,
with the expansion of the sunlight range, the environment also began to change from cool to warm colors, and
the graphics began to change from a circle to a more neutral rectangle.


petrichor was recorded someday in Sep,2021 in London. The sound tracks basically including
the noise which after rainstorm from the piccadilly street and the sound of the umbrella
rubbing against the ground and palm.

In rainstorm, the wind moves in a whirlpool, and the sound of plastic bags, umbrellas and
raindrops rubbing on the ground enhances the presence of these two objects on the street.
After the rain, there is still the sound of raindrops splashing on the ground after a rainstorm.
After the rain, the puddles on the road intensified the sound of people walking, and the sound
started to have a sense of stickiness. The residual raindrops rolling from the leaves make the
sound of colliding with the ground, and the bright red sunset gradually appears. The tone
shifts to a warmer atmosphere.


moonlight was recorded someday in Sep,2021 in London. The sound mainly comes from some noises from
stations and subway entrances and some fine footsteps.

The sunset glow appeared to absorb the moisture after the rain, and the speed slowly decreased, and the
faint vibrations during the subway operation also became impressive. Everything gradually calmed down, the
temperature of sunset afterglow still remained on the ground, and the footsteps of pedestrians became fine.
The tone gradually changes from warmer to colder as the moonlight expands, On the side of the road, occasionally
could hear the sound of wind rubbing the platform. Everything slowly returns to the original loop.