Chinese Students


I had worked as a product designer and interaction UI designer before I came to Goldsmiths. Now I am in MA: Expanded Practice program, interaction Studio.
ins: carolchenalways

My project is about exposing the Chinese students learning dilemmas and helping them study better at Goldsmiths.

︎︎︎ Project detail

I always have these questions: I did not understand the purpose of such practices as Body as Shop and Click Scripts. I want to understand the meaning of these actions before I do these practices. Maybe these exercises can not immediately remind me of scenarios that I can use. So I always feel confused and like I'm not learning anything. The teacher always said: enjoy yourself and move on, instead of telling me what to do, which confused me and made me struggle. Although we have learned some methods (Cultural Probe, Visual Studio Wall), we do not have a real case to let us practice them and see whether they work. More often than not, I think we are just practicing using these methods.

To answer the questions in my mind, then I started my research. As the research progressed, I became more and more convinced that I was not the only one who had these questions. After talking to many students, I gradually understood these problems, and these doubts became understandable. So I wanted to translate my experience into something that I could communicate and give future students, current students, some inspiration to study better at Goldsmiths in the future. It also gives staff a perspective for future interviews.