“NANI KE HAATH KI ROTI” Politics of Domesticity and Roti making


Hi! My name is Namrata (she/her), and I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer. My practice is a combination of digitial art and graphics, as well as research-based design on south-asian feminist issues. 

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This project is an extensive study on the politics and history of the ‘roti’, also known as a ‘chapati’. This project looks at the gender roles and dynamics within an Indian household and explores the process of roti or chapati making as unpaid labor.

Furthermore, this project aims to celebrate the process of making by exploring forgotten and less recognized forms of folk art that relate to this humble daily process, including the practice of Jayavarchi Ovi, or Grindmill songs. Nani ke haath ki Roti translates from Hindi to Roti made lovingly by my grandmother.

This project is also a case study on my maternal grandmother's life as a housewife, from the perspectives of her children.