Pingting Liu

I’m a multidisciplinary designer and a day dreamer

The Chinese documentary ‘Shengmen’ records 365 days inside a maternity hospital in Wuhan. It records the birthing experiences of 4 mothers who encountered extreme conditions during the delivery process and the experiences of their families. Childbirth makes a woman so close to death. A small delivery room condenses the pains and joys of families. The death in the delivery room made me start to imagine that if one day women no longer need to bear the pain of childbirth but can use machines to reproduce, then perhaps fertility can be a very simple and convenient thing.

I want to challenge the traditional relationship between women and fertility. Can men bear a child? What would the world be like if an artificial womb became a common thing in daily life like a car, a chair, or a bag? Would we absolutely love it or hate it? Would policy and restrictions be changed to protect and restrict the users of an artificial womb? Do we have new fashion styles? Do we have new slang? Would the structure of monogamous marriage and family structure under capitalism change into something new? The old world is behind us, the new world is in our present, shouldn’t we bravely enter this utopian/ distopian world?