I am an interactive designer who likes to explore technology and art.

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my project is about the......How to face the privacy security in the era of big data.

Key topics:
In what situations do we feel uncomfortable with the loss of private data?(For public)

How do we design ways to understand that feeling uncomfortable with our data when it is becoming public or private?(For designers) 

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🍪What are we talking about when we talk about the "🚫️loss of private data❗️️"?

🍪-Capitalising on data

🍪In data capitalisation, the value of data is defined as the price at which an individual agrees to transfer specific private information - or its equivalent in terms of services. The purpose of these initial assessments is to determine what data individuals value most in terms of protection and to which third parties they would consider selling it, and at what price. It is also a way of assessing the cost of privacy.

🍪When we feel "uncomfortable", on the one hand we have the uneasy feeling of being spied on. On the other hand, there is also the violation of our interests in this capitalisation process. And a sense of disapproval of the object of data collection as a tool of capital production.

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