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The “Visible” Future

If you can't see, what career do you want to pursue in the future.

There are over 17 million blind people in China and the total number of students enrolled in universities each year is less than 200.

Of these blind people, some are talented enough to study music performance, most blind students go on to study acupuncture and massage for good employment, and there are many more students who we cannot see and no one knows what they are doing.

Some are born blind, while some students are blind because of illness or accident.

They don't want to be confined to acupuncture and massage, and aspire to get a better education.

They also want to get a degree, find a job that suits them and have a brighter and more prosperous life.

They also want to be able to contribute to society and realise their own values.

By reaching out to blind students and working with them to redesign the special education system in China today, we also have redesigned and reformed the curriculum and educational website to better understand the practical needs of the blind student population. In addition, we created a

series of illustrations and pop-up publications to better communicate their stories to a wider audience.