I’m a good person with a good personality.

People call me the most harmless in the world.

I am interested in left-wing movements, counter-cultural practices, and punk music.

Also, I like taking photos and making weird things.
Welcome to join me!

Email: lirui1026445441@gmail.com
IG: roylee_back98
"Chinese Identity" in contemporary British life is a topic that lacks discussion and attention. As a research object, this subject is too complicated and dangerous. The political, class and cultural issues involved in it cannot allow us to see the full picture. I start with people I can reach, talk to them, take a walk, and learn about their real lives, and then share what I see and hear with the audience. I chose to use photo books and a "living space" as the medium for displaying content.

I think that on the issue of understanding others, in addition to the inalienable “identity”, we can also try other perspectives to get to know a stranger.

This is an attempt by me.
By the way, if you want this photo book, just email me.


Here, I think photography can be a special way to generate empathy and attract social attention. Each photo encourages us to uncover the secret of this story. The tiny fragments of this hidden story will trigger our unfettered imagination. Through the combination of photos and individual narratives, I hope to remind society of the simple fact that our emotions are the same regardless of identity. Regarding the memories of loved ones, the complaints about life, the physical pains suffered, and the praise of the seasons, I want to link each other through these emotions.


How do we meet a stranger? The room may be a starting point. The interior decoration, objects, and even smell of the room are a cohesive whole of our identity, culture, and class. Beyond this, this is also where we experience most of our lives. What I want to show is a table in the room, a living space, an area that carries culture, identity, memory and stories. Here you can see those hidden, unfamiliar stories and voices that are missing in mainstream society.