My project is about helping female access to menstrual products from gender equality and human right perspective.

Period as an unique experience of female, to some extent,its situation reflects what females experiece or have experienced in a patriarchal society. 

这种父权主义制度下对女性月经的男性视角审视,是广泛而涉及到整个社会群体共识的。而我选择的帮助女性在公众场所获得月经产品,恰恰是绝大数人甚至连女性本人都没有意识到的社会对女性姨妈真实经历和需求的无视, 公共卫生间提供卫生纸而不提供姨妈巾,就是一种出于男性视角的政策制定。

My project is about helping females access menstrual products from gender equality and human rights perspective. Period as a unique experience of females, to some extent,its situation reflects what females experience or have experienced in a patriarchal society.

The male perspective of female menstruation under this patriarchal system is broad and involves the consensus of the entire social group. And I chose to help women obtain menstrual products in public places. It is precisely because most people do not even realize the society’s ignorance of the real experience and needs of female aunts. Public toilets provide toilet paper instead of aunt towels. A policy-making from a male perspective.

这种父权主义制度下对女性月经的男性视角审视,是广泛而涉及到整个社会群体共识的。而我选择的帮助女性在公众场所获得月经产品,恰恰是绝大数人甚至连女性本人都没有意识到的社会对女性姨妈真实经历和需求的无视, 公共卫生间提供卫生纸而不提供姨妈巾,就是一种出于男性视角的政策制定。

19th Century philosopher G. H. Lewes gave the term a more narrow definition. He said that emergence happens when something that isn’t suggested by its constituent parts comes into being. Something new and unanticipated. For example, alone and has limited capacity to reason and isn’t capable of accomplishing much, but ant colonies have a sort of group intelligence that helps them to complete complex tasks. When they come together, this intelligence emerges.

It is about putting people together,through female‘s habit behavior,asking a tampon or pad from friends for help; so that individuals could interact with each other, to influence and get connected. Then their think level could form individual to group, organize,even society. This process like the emergence of the city, a city from to a build to become a city developing a city conscious, so I call it “Period City”, help females from individuals to a huge & powerful “body”, to get period conscious and identity period again.