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For a long time, the exploitation of intuition was regarded as one of the most fundamental elements during the design process.

While the majority believes the origin of intuition is congenital and natural, this project argues that: as the very mechanism of the intuition is retrospec- tively constituted by the social and cultural structures, a latent yet adherent violence notion inevitably makes its presence in all design processes.

Deriving from structuralism philosophical, linguistics and philosophy of sci- ence theories, the project aims to support the argument of adherent violence from theoretical deduction, analysis of mechanism to experimental demon- stration.

Two experiments were designated, under the methodology of group experi- ence and interactive prototype respectively.

The constraints caused by the adherent violence and the possible applica- tions to overcome the phenomenon are also discussed.


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Is our intuition 
Nature or Nurture?

Is this ability an intrinsic characteristic of human beings                               or                                    trained and learned in-tuition from the history, culture and society?

PART 1: 
The Violence In Design Intuition

consciously and actively force the generation process of a novel but random intuition,
in which the randomness element plays the role of the violence of absurdity.

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The Adherence of Design Paradigm