Theodora Beck

Theodora Beck is a service designer with a strong interest in designing to improve agency, a desire to work with agile methodologies and an aspiration to design for better futures. With a practice established in Graphic and Communication Design (B.A.) her approach is both analytical and system-oriented, and always well communicated. She has just completed her M.A. in Design at the University of London Goldsmiths, where her focus on designing into complex and networked systems led to the design of a workshop that educated children on future speculation.
Recipes From The Future is a workshop that through a variety of imaginative speculation methods will increase a person’s adaptability and therefore agency in a complex and networked world.

In this workshop children will imaginatively explore the future of food. They will learn about interconnectivity and 2nd order effects through food supply chains, they will learn how to be creative in a more speculative manner by using worksheets and making with found materials, and they will discover the reasons for future thinking and imagination. It will take them on a journey of what their favourite meals could become in 20, 50 or 100 years, whilst considering sustainability and what the world they live in might look like at that time.

For a full explanation of the research behind this workshop *click here*