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My project is about body shaming. Body shaming is the experience of being made negative comments by others, intentionally or unintentionally, in any form because of one's external characteristics, including appearance/body shape/weight and other objective factors. The subject of project is Chinese women aged 16-30 who are troubled by body shaming which is the age when women's psychology gradually becomes mature. The research questions of project are discussing what causes body shaming? what does body shaming do to women? Each workshop or experimental image will produce a set of outcomes which together form a reflective knowledge system.

According to a series of investigations, experiments developed through participatory workshops, challenging subjective experiments and hypothesis within the body shaming. Through the interview survey of the interviewed women, it was found that almost every woman would go on a periodic diet or hit the gym, because of body shaming in daily life. From the diet point of view, designer used her body as material which reduced her food intake and record weight each morning for two months. The result, the designer found a vicious cycle of overeating. In addition, through the workshop which taking polaroid photos of young female interviewees in private spaces, It has to be mentioned that women have long been in a male gaze society.
In conclusion, body shaming doesn't do anything for anyone. It just keeps us in the same position again and again.

Many things related to physical shame are done for women, because the female body is the object of capital.Women's bodies are inherently linked to capitalism. Capitalism is made the world go on fire. Women's bodies are often thought about as commodities as objects of capitalism. A lot of linking of body shame is to do with women's bodies being understood as commodities. On the marriage market. How women look, affects how other people value she in society.

Therefore, treadmill is a metaphor of capitalism.he world's first treadmill  was first created in 1818 by the British engineer Sir William Cubitt(1785–1861) as a means of
effectively hiring criminals. It was invented in Brixton prison. Obviously, it was designed for prisoners. And now, people should pay a lot of money for gym. But initiallythey were for prisoners, it is interesting in relation to body shaming. Treadmills were invented to punish criminals in the past, criminals are passively accepting it. Instead, today people voluntarily pay to go to the gym and use the treadmill.

Whether the treadmill is about an individual feeling body shape and working off in a very kind of individualized way, or whether it is a community social action that
search in space.

The designer puts all her investment into how her body looks that ties in that inherently is the treadmill, because this idea that she was running on the same spot again and again but she was going nowhere. Whereas here, she was traveling to somewhere, and walking escalator. Whereas a treadmill, she was in the same spot, which is this vicious cycle.