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SAMS is senior assistance medication system. It contains App, website, service of assistant and dispensing device of medicine to help the elderly patients in medication comprehensively and to ensure their medication safety and health.

Key word: elderly, chronic disease, medication management, health, home care

Our aging population has lots of challenges, care at home, as opposed to in an institution is a growing trend but it comes with the challenge of older people being able to self medicate. My project seeks to help with keep it really simple.

“SAMS as service server and all functions operate surrounding it. This system provides service for doctors, patients and patients’ families respectively. All these service form this system which is to intervene in medication safety in the elderly and keep their health.”

In the future, The goal of the system is to collaborate with all kinds of stakeholders would be conducive to the formation of a more integrated service system framework that performs better in solving the health problems of the elderly.