I’m a service design student from Goldsmiths and a product designer in my daily life. Sustainable design has been an great interest area to me since I start studing design. In these fast-paced times, there are too many "cradle-to-grave" designs. How to transform my designs into "cradle to cradle" is something I am always working on.
ins: @patrick_shao
This is a project about how "fast fashion" affects our society and environment, and trying to find a solution through service design. Because of the fast fashion system, fashion industry has become the second largest pollution industry in the world, and the environmental damage is still increasing while the industry is growing. It has lead lots of environmental issue more than 300 million people alonge the value chain. The quantity of clothes produced is rising, but the quality is constantly declining, Many clothes have been thrown away after being worn just a few times. This phenomenon is causing enormous damage to our environment. 
Designers are often seen as the beginning of a clothes. It is no wonder why, when an estimated 80% of
a product’s environmental and economic impact is determined at the design stage.
What if we make the clothes more durability? Durability can be divided into two categories to
understand, the first one is physical durability, which means the designer use better,
stronger material to make this garment last for a long time, the ohter one is emotional durability, by remaking people’s old clothes, giving these old clothes new value or attractiveness, making people
accept it again in their mind, to make these clothes use longer.
During my research, I realize a group of people don’t know how to deal with their old clothes,
they are reluctant to discard them. They think these clothes are not as good-looking as they were
when first bought them, but may still be useful afterwards. I would like to say this group of people
would be my target group. They realize that random discarding of their clothes may be harmful to the
environment, but they don’t know how to deal with these clothes.

MR. STITCHY is a “social venues” attached to a remake-clothes shop, where ready-to-wear clothes are sold, and also designers in the shop, customers can bring old clothes and personally transformed under the guidance of the designers or other customers. 

As opposed to 'fast fashion', there is also the concept of 'slow fashion', but 'slow fashion' items have always had a high price tag, because its cost of production and time is really high. In fact, people can also get their own "slow fashion" pieces by doing it themselves! And with a story to tell and a memory to remember! Through such a workshop, it is hoped that in this age where everything is about speed and efficiency, people can feel the lifestyle and charm of slow life.