The Mirror World Show

Yihan Niu

Visual Designer

<The Mirror World Show> is an experimental performance film, I am telling a story about abandoned objects on the side streets of London, they are “memory sculptures” which carry the owner’s past memories. They are reconstructed in a mirror world and recreated in a fragmented visual form in my film.

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︎︎︎ Collabration with Camper

About The Mirror World:

The exterior mirror world, which means the film before the green screen editing, is how we see the real world; everything is concrete, precise, with a specific silhouette. We can describe it, identify it, and understand it. It is as same as the state we are facing every piece of shit in reality. We must keep it clear in our mind anytime; we need to get up early to work, earn money, pay the bill, and take care of our family. There is no space for us to be hesitant, weak, lazy, and misted. Things always obey the management of time. We accept who we are, who we are meant to be, know the shape of ourselves, and don't dare to break the original appearance of everything. We follow, follow the schedule, follow the truth, follow the entropy increase.

Happy Memory Pieces

The Fear

Grandpa’s Story

Nancy’s Childhood


Street Garbages = Memory Sculptures