Ins: @doxxam
It is an experiment with material and vison. Taking scars as the connection between body and space.

Using the concept of second skin to find the possibility of self-identification and think about their perception of the world with a series of experimental vision and output. Also adjust social anxiety and try to balance self-experience through the connection between physical scars and urban space.


I've always been interested in all kinds of textures about body skin, and I often inadvertently notice various marks on the bare parts of body of the surrounding people, such as freckles, spots, or birthmarks. I think this is the own personality that belong to everyone. The reasons for the formation of scars and the story behind them often fascinate me. This is a story that illuminates. Every scar on the body is a self that needs to be faced. Moreover, the scars seem to contain a causal link, which establishes a connection between the individual and the life space, It is also an interesting way to look upon urban space.

Space is the carrier of the body, and human thinking will also stimulate the body memory in space. Space will record the behavior of the body, and a certain period of personal body memory will also record the impression of a specific urban space, which would show this personal memory in the form of scars.

I don't tend to explore the city by thinking about the impact of specific materials on our body, but I find it really interesting. It may be a way to explore the physics of the body.