The Self


Wang's work focuses on video and performance art, exploring interpersonal behaviour in social media contexts.
The Self demonstrates the influence of online value judgments on the self-worth of contemporary youth. By creating a virtual self in the form of ventriloquism performance, the physical self is brought into dialogue with the online virtual self in a different linguistic environment, which allows for the existence of two selves simultaneously: of being conscious of oneself as well as beside oneself.

In the Information Age, the influence of the rapid development of social media has permeated everyone’s life, especially for the younger generation. Social media has become a part of life and has quietly influenced the values of young people. The use of social media as a platform to showcase and construct the self has become an invisible way of life. My project The Self is based on this phenomenon and explores the relationship between the online construction of self-image and reality.

Based on the analysis of self-image on different platforms, my project
aims to express the differences in self-image on different social media,
translating this virtual self-image through performance.
The self is, of course, a rather complex concept, which I interpret here
as “me”, the object. The self-image is the image of the object-me.
This, of course, depends on what view the subject-me holds of the object-me
(i.e. the self-concept). However, the self is not one-dimensional;
it contains four dimensions: the private reality self, the private ideal self,
the social reality self and the social ideal self. In other words, the ego
will present itself differently according to the different requirements of
the main self in different environments. Therefore, the self-presented
in social media is part of the complete self, not the whole.
For my project The Self, I created two avatars,
Mira and ThatMiranda. These are based on my own
real-life image and the online self-image I have
constructed on the WeChat and Instagram platforms,
named after the profiles I use for my accounts on these
two platforms.

When social media becomes an arena for the construction
of the self, each of us is acting on that stage.
It is true that technological developments are providing
people with enhanced ways to express their personality
digitally and create an idealised image of themselves.
At the same time, it is important to think about the connection
between self-presentation on social media and the real-life self
and the need for moderation in the performance so that the
constructed self is sufficiently independent.