Yiqi is a designer who is passionate to study how people behave in daily life and explore new topography in complex reality.

He is recently so into listening to Ukrainian post-punk music.
If you are interested in left-wing philosophy, please email to discuss.
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Procrastination Guerrilla is aimed to provide a new discussion field against traditional discourse on procrastination and provoke the public to speak out.  In the context of modern capital society, procrastination is regarded as a negative behavior or even as a disease, because it is contrary to precise working hours, and people try to cancel it and become a hard-working and efficient machine. However, can we really become an accurate machine? Therefore, this work is a series of practices and probes to try to maintain a new narrative to normalize the term procrastination.


I built a website to let people share what they did when they were procrastinating or lazy to arouse people’s new imagination of daily life aside from work.

However, it is not enough to provide everyone with a space for discussion. The new narrative will be stifled as we return to our work and public media.
As a designer, I should use more methods to arouse people’s imagination of new narritive continuously.
So, they should be instant and flexible to face the complex discourse field.
So, I call these practices for maintaining new discussions as guerrilla.

Practice: Mapping the yelling

Practice: Receipt of Attention Bank

Practice: Cut-up & Knitting

Practice: Annoying Devourer

Practice: Repetitive Ditty

And so on...
This is a endless mind war to struggle in the mainstream discourse.