The calculus of the
Digital Afterlife


is a visual designer based in China.
I like to use visual ways and sound to think and explore the relationship between humans and culture. 


my project is about digital legacy. This is an experimental video of the digital footprint in the context of the problems facing social media platforms in the future, based on research, interviews, sorting out, etc. 

The video will reveal the digital heritage processing concerns that most users have not addressed and the grief behind the data soothing. What should we do about our digital imprint and death? It is worth thinking about because it is both the future and something that takes place quietly...

︎The new grave

︎Thinking: The network is like the storage room of our life data from living to death. Every person builds up their archive through surfing the Internet or via the digital platform. This is the digital legacy that we left when we die.


The printer as a medium.
Scanning the hand symbolises
every time
uploading our moments to the
digital platform.

︎︎About time
︎︎︎About memory                             “Continuing Bonds”

It’s the relationship between
the living
and the memory



No contact
No Access


︎︎Passive intend                                                                   The privacy you ignored hide in “SET UP

Have you ever read the privacy & policy of digital platforms carefully?
How do they protect your privacy when you die?
Have you ever thought when those platforms protect privacy simultaneously, they also exploit a part of your right?
So, how you can make sure your digital footprints can keep a long time as a precious memory for those people you love?

︎︎Initiative will

Will list is a great chance to execute your rights and keep the access you want to give.
Please ...Please try to think carefully about the direction of your digital legacy.
which part of which digital platform that you what to leave for whom.

︎Experiment: ︎follow the privacy and policy

I collect some people’s will lists.
Before they thought and wrote, I told them to imagine the real thing that happened. If they forget to assign some information,
some people may have no access
or some footprints may delete forever by digital platforms.

︎The video

Telling a story about the digital afterlife
︎Hand recording︎Sound recording    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      Pricacy+Access+Memory+Control

Why hand?                                       ︎that’s a relationship between the deceased and the living
                                        Shadow  as a bond / a memory / a track /a following foot trace
                                        this “bond” may deeper or fade with time... 

Why Sound?                                    ︎that a regulation / a will / an access / a rights
                                                                   The initiative will + Passive intend
                                                      Your digital legacy needs your control rather than digital platforms.