It’s a designer focusing on visual design and exploring every moment to seize the day.
This project starts with the most common photographic image in our daily lives and explores the relationship between photographic image and reality. It’s hoped that people can rethink the meaning of the photographic image.

"Photographic image as mediated reality"

The photographic image has become a constitutive aspect of the human lifeworld as a result of people's subjective awareness, allowing human existence and activity to be based on images rather than on the experience of existence itself. To break out from this passive behaviour, I attempted to  analyse and reflect on the reality of the images in many ways, but also to better explore and interact with the world.

When the shutter is pressed, the camera records only what we see from within the lens, ignoring anything that happens outside of it. Our reality is divided into fragments by these frames, and we only view a little portion of it via the lens.

Is the authenticity of photographic image still important to us in this case?
Should we reconsider the photographic image's meaning?