I’m a Graphic Designer, and from the Communication&Experience Studio.
ins: @ywliu42
With the fast-paced popularization of the Internet, online news has gathered a variety of different ways of communication. In the meantime, the reliance on the characteristics of network media communication has played an important role in changing the way people collect information. In this process, entertainment has developed constantly in the news practice of media.

The project demonstrated how "decorated content" exists in the form of online entertainment news on Chinese online news platforms. An attempt is made to visualize the distorted space between the original fact and the decorated fact in the context of entertainment news through an exploration into the boundaries of the “fact” in infotainment. On the basis of experimentation and exploration, the entertainment method of this form is finally presented as dynamic models from the perspective of parametric design.

In this project, I described a method of online entertainment news on Chinese online platform "The Content is Decorated". This approach is reflective of the decentralized nature of social media in the way news text is organized. Not only is the stacking of decorations in various forms a reflection of ignoring the original content of the text, it is also an involuntary marginalization of the original fact of the news. When the original content of the text is covered by more fragmentary decorations which are irrelevant to the description of the fact, the additional information carried by the decorated fact is transformed into part of the original content of the news text. This process is more difficult to detect than fake news or soft news, the presence of which is stealthy and slow in many cases. This is a way of entertainment in the production of news text.

I try to regard the entertainment of online news as a distorted shell attached to the original fact of news, and label this distorted shell as the decorated content. As after data collection and content analysis, I ended up exploring the process of visualizing how the original content carried by a piece of news is constantly decorated on Chinese online news platforms by adjusting the parameters to deform the model of general sphere.