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my project is about common stereotypes assigned to Asian woman in the western world. The social, the historical, and the media environment create a world that has a huge impact on people's perceptions. Looking into the roles Asian woman play in ‘Western cinema’portreying Asian females with submissive roles to the male audience. My project is to investigate the stereotypes of Asian women and delve into the stories and its impact, using design and interactive spaces , to satirize the phenomenon of stereotypes.

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Firstly, my project is started with my exprience and Asian female’s roles acting in Western Film:

My Own Exprience:
I have never travelled aboad or studyied in another Country before, so when I came to London, I tried multiple social networking apps to find new people/friends to better experience my time here. These apps included: Meetup, Eventbrite, Instagram, Facebook, Whatup and Tantan ( Chinese social network ) in London.

On these Apps, there are a lot of strange and uncomfortable things, similar to telling me that he likes Asian girls. It is true that there is no wrong expression, many people will have their own favorite type, but these people like a racial stereotype people of the typical fictitious, rather than like me as an independent individual. It seems that there is nothing wrong with the words. Maybe some people say that people of your race should not be honored?

At first I did not think it was uncomfortable for those opening remarks to talk with me such as "I like Chinese girls," but it was a compliment, but as more and more people said to me, "ni hao," At first I thought they just want to meet new friends, and then by chatting, these people were more likely to try to have sex with "Asian women." I even got a message from a man on TanTan, "I have never had sex with a Chinese girl, Can I try it with you?"After I refused, he asked me, "can you just do it once?"

I was feeling extremely disgusted with his words. It's all about materializing me from China, just like you don't have a personal identity, you're a sex toy or an unlimited number of goods that everyone can replace.

My Instagram is a new account and allows strangers to follow or send massages directly, In August, this year, I received a message a boy from an Albania. “I like Chinese girls ”. At first I replied politely and followed him back. He said he likes
Chinese girls, and I got off guard and started talking to him. I'm not a big fan of online chat, so I don't instant reply , but what I receive is a constant stream of messages and voice calls to harass, which makes me feel annoyed. Then aBfew dayslater I found out thatagirlfromTaiwan, also posted a annoyingconversation with the man, the context was very similar to mine. A week later, I got a friend who contacted me and said that this man was talking with her. It's not unusual for this kind of crazy looking for Asian women to have relationships or sexual partners.

Another thing was at a restaurant, I was having dinner with my friends, and the boss of the restaurant sat down and talked to us. It's the same old cliche I've heard so many times, I even got bored with "I like Chinese girls" and asked for my phone number. I refused on the excuse that I have a boyfriend. Then he immediately asked my friend "What is your phone number? Do you have a boyfriend?”


I attached these papers to various notice boards and walls (including a toilet cubicle) to collect anonymous opinions on the subject of stereotypes from different people instead of interviewing people on the street - who were a ittle more embarrassed when asked these questions directly regarding the subject,

often answering “ no, I do not know”


people online
Methods: random interviews with passers-by, network chat, through the propaganda board message record
Do you know any stereotyple to East Asian girls?


Interviewee: East Asian women
Interview method: Recording the conversation
Question: Have they ever been subjected to racial discrimination or experienced racial stereotypes?

A stereotype is a cognitive relationship of the three, momomial linear relation. The subject, Stereotype, as well as the other, because of the existence of stereotypes, it is easier to classify people, lose readable information, lose the value and oneness of subject itself, and turn into a kind of substitutable substance.

Stereotypes classify people in different ways, simplify people. stereotypes have a one-sidedness and supplementary accuracy. Everyone is an independent individual. The process of knowing individual should not be based on a commonly held opinion of which ever group they are belived to be apart of.

The device simulates the imagination process of people who maybe more prone classifying people with stereotypes, showing the unequal treatment of Asian women by patients of the “yellow fever” phenominom. A call for awareness amongst Asian women to be aware of the possibility of being objectified and stand up to it.
Humans are pattern seeking creatures, and are naturally good at sorting, often even by more subtle features, such as face feature: eyebrows, mouth, and walking posture. The installation wants to ask people to think about stereotypesprimitive human stereotypes - whether simplifying ways of categorizing has any value in modern society.