An industrial designer who loves creative programming. Love designing unique consumer electronics products and focusing on the interaction between souls and bodies.

This project is an online memorial space running on the website. In such an immersive virtual space, people can reminisce about the time the passing person spent with themselves, and remember the influence he brought to you. Commemorate everything about him. I hope this space can dilute the sadness of death, but as an inspiration to those who are still alive. In the virtual space, I use the tree hollow as a concrete carrier, which can be used as an object for people to communicate.

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My motivation for this project is that I lost my mother last year. In July 2021, her four-year journey with cancer came to an end. Fortunately, in her last time, I have been by her side. No matter how reluctant I was, she left this world after all. When she was about to leave, I began to prepare for her funeral. According to Chinese tradition, within 49 days of a person’s death, a mourning hall should be built in the family. In addition to photos of the deceased, some utensils such as lamps, fruit plates, incense burners, etc., need to be placed on the altar. At the same time, families should hang a background cloth with specific text written on the altar on the altar. In the process of setting up the mourning hall, I found that there is a lack of related products on the market. When I wanted to buy the background cloth of the mourning hall, I only saw two styles on Taobao (the most prominent online shopping platform in China), which is unusual. You must know if what I searched on Taobao is other products such as toothbrushes. I will get thousands of styles at once.

I try to analyze the cause of this phenomenon. Things for the dead are often not cared for by many people, and they are a one-off sale, so the quality and design of the product itself do not significantly impact sales. So no one thinks about how this type of product can be better. This kind of thinking has spread to all aspects of death-related industries. More often, people are like walking through the scene. There are just some rituals, but most people do not enjoy this process. It may be strange to use the word "enjoy" here. Who would enjoy a ceremony about death? In fact, I want to say that the ritual after death should have its function, whether to commemorate the dead or to encourage those who are still alive. It's not just a must. I think some limitations in real life make these death rituals not play their original role well.

My initial idea was to make an online mourning hall. But after initial research, my understanding of death has become more profound. I think we really should not grieve or mourn, but should remember the time the person who passed away with us, and remember what he brought to you. Influence. Commemorate everything about him. Therefore, the theme I am going to do is transformed from an online virtual hall to a memorial space. I hope to dilute the sadness of death, but to serve as a monument, or an inspiration to those who are still alive. A space where people can relax, miss some good old times or talk to people who have passed away. 

So I started to build this digital world, draw concept maps, build models, and build the website.

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