A designer who likes digital media, new media, graphic design and games.
my project is about three parts: 
The status of people who WFH( work from home)
How far the restriction of expanded body parts can be
How to build own ergonomic space at home during WFH age
To achieve my goal, I made several devices to do the experiments and tests.

Firstly, all starts from a short story.
This happened during a difficult period of illness. Because of my illness, I could only lean against the head of the bed every day. I was sometimes sleepy and awake because of a high fever. Suddenly, in a half dream and half awake, a strange idea appeared in my mind. Every part of my body seemed to want to establish their own rights and began to quarrel about their "independence". First, the head and neck reached an agreement. They decided not to accept other parts as part of themselves. Then, the right shoulder led the right arm and right hand to the head and was willing to be their support. The legs have been completely declared out of command, the chest and waist paralyzed in place, and the left hand was still at a loss.
"We're getting out of here," said the head and the right arm, "we are free now."
I suddenly woke up and realized that I was losing ownership of the body

The inspiration for this project came from the aforementioned
story of my own experience. What would it be like for a healthy
person to suddenly lose control of some of their limbs? This
was the topic I wanted to explore at the beginning, and then,
with various suggestions and explorations, it became whatit is now: how and in what ways people can look after their
health in the context of WFH. The project has evolved from
its beginnings to what it is now through many changes in
purpose and thinking, and the references have expanded
from a focus on occupational diseases to a broader range of ergonomics, work at home and related topics. At each
stage of the project I made models and samples, designed
experiments from them and kept video records of the experiments.

All the experiments can be divided into 5 different parts, the first two sections are about the individual restrict structures, and the rests are about combine the structures with different clothes. All of these devices are not about making a product that called “improving sitting posture device”, but are the tools to help me to clear and figure out my goal, which has been changed for many times. The whole project is likely to be a progress of searching the better way rather than only design a product for specific use.