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 I would call myself a designer that retells stories, stories that we know so well yet so little about. 

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“Chicken Love” criticises the current chicken production system as well as humans’ perspective and relationship with chicken. The project aims to elevate chicken in the human ecosystem by exposing the unknown side of the chicken production system. The project reintroduces chickens through various ways of knowing and presents alternative perceptions of humans and chickens as equals rather than objects

The aim of the project is not to judge what is ethically right or wrong. Rather, the designer wishes to use fun and playful approaches to challenge her audiences about their knowledge and perceptions of chicken. Below are the 4 approaches:

- Chickman

A chicken human mediator that aims to bridge the gap between human and chicken.

- Chicken book of short stories

A pocket size comic book that talks about everything about chickens. The content of the book ranges from the problem about modern chicken to chicken’s emotion and intelligence.

-  Manifesto

Rules and declarations that facilitate a strong and fair human chicken world.

- Chicken Human School

An imagined school where both chickens and children will go to school to learn and play together. A situation that pushes both species to think and take actions to create a uniform world.

The school is designed to cover 7 subjects for both species to learn, they are 1 Communication + language, 2 Physical development, 3 Personal, social, emotional development, 4 Literacy, 5 Mathematics, 6 Understanding of the world (science) 7 Expressive arts + design. These classes have taken reference from areas of learning from Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) the statutory framework for Early Years education in England. Even though the program has mainly taken reference from human school framework they also apply to chickens.

Currently the Chicken Human school only accepts children between 3 to 6 years old. While on the chickens side, the school will accept hens between 5 to 547 days and cockerels between 5 to 168 days, this is because Caughey stated that 5 day old chickens are able to do math.While humans can only start to learn basic math at 3-year-old. Due to different development speeds of the two species, I have taken into consideration that hens will become mothers at the age of 18 months old while roosters will become fathers when they are 5 months old. To meet the standards of the life span of the chickens, after the 18 months and 5 months old specific chicks graduate.

To facilitate children and chicken’s learning, there are subject specific educational toys designed to encourage students to learn through playing. Here are examples of two math educational toys: